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Rapid Oxygen

Emergency Oxygen for public spaces

The founder of Rapid Oxygen, Richard Imbruce, came to us looking for the right engineering firm to develop an easy to use product that would accommodate their chemical oxygen generation formula. We developed our initial concepts and determined that it was feasible to create a single lever interface that simply needs to be rotated a quarter turn from Off to On. Our valve design that makes this happen is sophisticated and has received a US and International patents, but all of the components that make the valve are inexpensive to manufacture because we designed them to be injection molded parts, and all of the seals are stock items. We were responsible for several technical breakthroughs that allowed the R15 to deliver the right amount of oxygen from start to finish, to exceed regulatory requirements for safety and shipping durability, and to be a pleasure to use.

The R15 is a safe, non-explosive oxygen unit for a wide variety of emergency applications, ranging from acute airway or cardiac emergencies to people struggling to breathe from an allergic reaction, asthma attack, fainting from de-hydration or drowning.

The R15 has received great reviews, and an EMS World Innovation Award.